“My wife Cathy and I built our first house with Nugent Builders. We had heard several “horror” stories from friends about their building experience with other builders and we were both very anxious about the experience. During our decision process, I told the Nugent team that what I wanted most was a good experience and to be friends when the project was completed. The Nugent team definitely provided not only a fantastic house but a great building experience and fulfilled all of our expectations. We are still good friends today.

I believe what differentiates Nugent from others is their great team. Mike Rogers gave us extremely good personal attention and went above and beyond to understand and meet our needs. We appreciated his candid advice and direction and came to rely on him to assist us with almost every major decision. Don provided us with constant updates on progress and was extremely accommodating and easy to work with. He devoted a lot of time to our worksite and gave us great confidence that everything was being done right. Linda provided us with extremely helpful advice and updates on the financial side of the project and was more than helpful in assisting us with financing and other matters.

Currently, we are making a move and building a house in Florida. Although we are working with one of the most respected builders in the Tampa area, the experience in no way compares with what we experienced at Nugent. I only wish they could come to Florida and build for me down there.”

Ronald and Cathy Sompels

“We are extremely pleased with Nugent Builders. They built a beautiful home for us in Covington Shores with the utmost care on details.

We recommend them to all our friends and family. One of the best attributes of this builder is the flexibility to work with a customer and the patience to accept change of mind (which mostly happens) by folks who are building new homes.

They are fantastic people and great builders. We wish them all the best.”

Vik and Kiran Singh

“We love our home and couldn’t be happier with the process it took to build. Nugent Builders was a pleasure to work with. We first approached Nugent Builders with some ideas of what we wanted. They were able to take those things and really shape them, they were also able to work with us to add some really innovative, yet practical ideas that make our house perfect for us.

It was so fun to work with Mike and make selections and know that our house was going to be both elegant and family friendly. And just knowing that Don was there during the everyday construction gave us a real sense of trust that things were being done right.

In the end, our home was completed just when we planned and for the contract price.”

Joe and Cindy Thomas

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